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This branch deals with Study of electronics components ,and design of electronics circuits , various electronics equipments and its repairing of computer hard wares ,embedded system developments and Basics of Electronic communications both analog and digital


  • • To be able to use CROs and function genrators
  • • To be able to use PCB designing softwares
  • • To design and develop Electronics circuit for various applications
  • • Assembling, Installation and Maintenance of Computer Systems
  • • To diagnose the faults for trouble shooting various electronic equipments
  • • To design and develop microcontroller and microprocesor, PIC based systems

Main Subjects :

  • • Basic Electronics
  • • Basic Engineering Subjects
  • • Electrical technology Electronics circuits
  • • Digital Electronics
  • • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  • • Programming Languages (C)
  • • Linear Integrated circuits
  • • Electronic Instruments and measurements
  • • Electronics communication
  • • Computer Hardware and Networks
  • • Industrial Management

Further Education

Students can get admission in IInd year Bachelor of Engineering Degree Course through Lateral Entry and they can study with regular Engineering students. Students can also study for AMIE, IETE which is equivalent to BTech, etc.